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At Aultman Speech Therapy, we work with your child to understand, diagnose, and provide treatment for speech disorders in the areas of language and communication. We provide therapy for children with speech fluency problems, difficulty producing certain sounds, problems understanding and reproducing language, and those with cognitive communication impairments.


Don't let speech and language disorders disrupt your child's life!  If your child is suffering from a speech-language disorder, we would love to work with them and provide they therapy they need to thrive. We offer therapy for a variety of disorders. To learn more, please access our links to disorders and resources, or contact us today! 



Meet the Team!


Aultman Speech Therapy is a private practice of highly qualified speech therapist. With over 15 years experience, our professionals evaluate, plan and implement custom therapy plans to improve the communication skills of our clients. Out goal is to provide affordable, specialized, individualized based speech therapy in a variety of settings to allow these services to be more convienent. In addition to quality therapy, we feel that education is an integral part of our practice. Our staff provides education to client's family members, childcare centers, and schools.  Aultman Speech Therapy staff are licensed by Mississippi State Board of Health and are required to receive 20 hours of additional training every 2 years. It is through this training that our staff is able to further their education related to the latest treament strategies and intervention.

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